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Malware is still dangerous today, which is why it’s important that you regularly scan for viruses and infections and install a trusted real-time security suite.People who visit adult websites could find themselves in legal trouble if they aren’t careful.

As for people who get their adult content through filesharing sites, you could end up being sued for copyright infringement.Back in 2010, criminals stored their child pornography on the computers of unsuspecting innocents through the use of a virus.If you were infected, your computer would have child porn on it without you even realizing it — and the scary thing is, the “I didn’t know” defense is what a real pedophile would say.That might sound alarmist, but it’s unfortunately true. If you know what to look out for, and if you aren’t so confident as to think these things could never happen to you, the safer you’ll be.Did you know that agencies can track where you go on the Web?

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