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POLICE warned last year Brits are being targeted by organised gangs tricking people into stripping off or performing sex acts online and using the footage as blackmail.

Four men killed themselves in a year after being exposed by the so-called "sextortion" rackets, officers said.

The children in these cases often feel that there is no way out and that they can’t tell anyone.

In some cases they have been forced to physically hurt themselves or involve other children.Many parents feel a range of emotions, from confusion to horror and grief. Whilst this is understandable it's important to let your child know that they are not at fault, and to work through your feelings with others so they don't get in the way of the support that your child needs from you.As children reach adolescence and develop sexually, their interest in sex and relationships increases.It’s never their fault, the offender has committed a serious sexual crime and the images are evidence of Even though the children involved may never meet the offender face to face, this is sexual abuse.Children forced, tricked or persuaded to participate in the abuse, for example by performing sexual acts on themselves, may be left with long term trauma from the experience and can suffer just as much harm as those who are abused by an offender in the ‘real’ world.

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