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The difference is that people like Jeff don’t have the option of moving to Google, Microsoft or a tech startup eager to poach managers and engineers with Amazon on their resume.When it comes to low-wage positions, companies like Amazon are now able to precisely calibrate the size of its workforce to meet consumer demand, week by week or even day by day.He wouldn’t sit there long and he’d fall asleep.” As a big guy, Jeff was mindful of his weight — he didn’t want to develop diabetes later in life.He’d taken up jogging and was eating better at home.

A handheld scanner gun told him what he needed to pull and the exact aisle and shelf where he would find it.

He would pull his lunch from his cooler and grab his phone, which, under warehouse policy, wasn’t allowed on the floor.

He always at least texted Di-Key, who found it hard to sleep while her husband was away at work. He asked how her braids had come along, told her that he loved her and that she should get some sleep. Less than an hour later, a worker found Jeff on the third floor.

He had collapsed and was lying unconscious in aisle A-215, beneath shelves stocked with Tupperware and heating pads.

the years since Amazon became the symbol of the online retail economy, horror stories have periodically emerged about the conditions at its warehouses — workers faced with near-impossible targets, people dropping on the job from heat or extreme fatigue. Jobs at Amazon are physically demanding and the expectations can be high, but the company’s fulfillment centers are not sweatshops.

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