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Whereas Slovakia is situated directly in Central Europe with no access to the sea.The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana and the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.Sugar Babe je veľmi cieľavedomá v súkromnom živote, a preto si hľadá muža, ktorý jej vie okrem luxusného života ponúknuť aj mentorstvo," dodáva.

But Slovenia is surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy and it is a coastal country, on the border of the Balkans and Central Europe.Slovenia has a population of about 2 mil., Slovakia 5.4 mil.Both countries were there in South Africa on the football worldcup in 2010.But before that, in the F group Slovakia has beaten Italy 3:2 (therefore Italy didn’t qualify to the best 16!), played a draw with New Zealand 1:1 (New Zealand kicked the drawing goal 20 seconds before the end of the match) and has lost against Paraguay 0:2.

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