Updating a kitchen with oak cabinets

If you rest a plate of food on the seat cushion for even a second, suddenly you have a ring mark permanently etched into the fabric.But wait a while and the whole sofa gets evenly “crushed” so all of those obvious marks go away.If this should be an issue, then I may consider just repainting the island white like the other kitchen cabinets or go back to a wood island. In the end, I do really love the white and lighter cabinets and I guess guarding them against the occasional ding from normal wear and tear and from the dirty little kid prints, is the price that you pay for having white or lighter colored kitchen cabinets….a price well worth it.I hope my pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets white, is helpful if you are considering taking the plunge to paint your cabinets. But now that gray is coming back around again, it’s everywhere it was before and going on cabinets too.

Here’s what the Kitchen cabinets looked like prior to painting them. But having white and light colored cabinets, is not easy to maintain in an active kitchen.

I feel like I am constantly on guard protecting the cabinets from surface destruction.

I don’t remember doing that at all, when the cabinets were wood…at least I don’t remember.

At the CMG Conference last year, cabinet makers educated us that for many years customers had wanted “perfection”in all their cabinetry.

Now though, customers can’t get enough worm holes and distress marks on cabinets as well as on furniture.

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Velvet fabric looks terrible before it has an all-over crushed look to it.

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