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Enjoy and appreciate what you does anyone no if there is a new more up to date version, i have tried reinstalling the program but it still doesnt work i keep recieving an error message "D:" Data error (cyclic redundancy check) does anyone no how to fix that if so please email [email protected] someone new to DVD/Video like me can get this to work EVERY time although I've been told some Sony discs won't copy!Just insert DVD in draw, run DVD Shrink,replace DVD with a blank (I use DVD R for perfect results in a Panasonic home theatre system) then open Nero (6) and burn video files - Job done!!! )For those interested: This program works in Ubuntu Linux Version 8.04 'Hardy Heron' under the Wine program installation.It features an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to choose what to keep, and what to lose.DVD Shrinks allow the user to select compression level for each video track separately to obtain the desired disc size (which is usually below 4.38GB).

I recommend Any DVD running in the background behind DVDShrink. If you use Microsoft windows Media Player to view your ripped movies then you will get unpredictable playback.My friends cannot tell the difference between my backed up movies and the originals.I have used this since it first came out many years ago. I wish someone would OR could get/give the original source for it and then someone can update it since it hasnt been updated in years!!!I use ripit4me, it works in conjunction with DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter (though they are not required for it to work). If you have Nero 8 or 9, you'll have to have Shrink output to hard disk, than take those files and create a DVD video seperately with Nero.Programs like this are not being updated or supported by there creators for legal reasons.

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